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Test Paper :6
Paper Type : General - other
Posted By : Jai


This is mindtree paper consists of 2 sections.One is aptitude which has -ve marking .each one carries 3
marks for correct ans and -1 for wrong one.section B has no -ve marking and carries 2 marks each
one.Duration is 1 hour.

1.find out the area of given shaded part in a graph?
2.which one of the following is not right angle triangle?
Ans: D(9,16,12)
3.sum of the consequent 7 integers some 1613. Find the no. of prime numbers in that sequence.
Ans:2(check it out) no.of players is 99 other than me.50 plays soccer,45 plays basket ball,50 play valley ball.15
play all three.How many will play only 2 games/
ans:15(check it out)
5.fresh mangoes have 70% of water in weight, dry mangoes 20% of water in weight..what is the weight of
dry mangoes if weight of fresh mangoes is 20kg .ans(d)
a)6.68kg b) connot be determined c) 6.0kg d)6.6kg 63 matches are conducted in Knockout match type.How many players will be participated in that
7.find out next one.
B A C B D C E D F ?
8. X is min of { n+5,6-n} then what is the min of X if,0<n<1?
Ans 5.5
9.2 can type 2 pages in 2 many typist can type 18 pages in 6 minutes?
Ans . 6
10.Coconuts are arranged in piles in the order of
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.Hence he got shortage of 1.what is the min no.of smallest coconuts?
Ans . lcm of above - 1 = 2219( check it out)
11. p+q+r-=0,then what is value of p2/qr+q2/pr+r2/pq=?
Ans.3( check it out)
12. In a class boys are 25% more than girls what is ratio of total boys and girls
Ans .5:4( actually ans is given like 5.;3)
13.How many 3 digit no. are there when divided by 7 or 8 leaves remainder 4?
Ans .17(may be ,check it out)
14.if it were 2 hours later it will be half as long until the mid night, as if it were be as half an hour later.what is time now/(may be 21 if it is there)
a) 18.30
b) 23.30
c) 22.30
d) 23
.data comparisions
17. A. total no.days in a four consecutive years
B. no. feets in 487 yards
ans:both r equal
18. A. external dimensions of a box is 2cm*4cm*5cm how many boxes are there in box of internal dimensions
20*40*50cm B. this is also samemodelA
19.A. (66+34)/ (0.66+0.44)
B. (65+35)/(0.65+0.35)
a) A is greater than B
b) B is greater than A
c) Both are equal

SECTION B( analytical)
I A. There will be given 4 conditions . depending up on them following questions have to be answered.
a) P may not come if either R or S come.
b) if G comes S comes
c) if H comes K comes
d) another one
There is one more question like this ,so prepare for analytical
2. one stars at home at 10.00a.m and reaches bus stop at 10.20.then he returns back home finds that
it is 10.30am .if walking speed is same, is that watch is slow or fast and how much
ans . 5 min slow(check it out)
3. she can earn Ph.D unless she is poor at GRE or she doesn't receive any scholarship which one of the following is not true?
Ans A