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Jyoti Ann Burrett
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Jyoti is a petite 5 feet 3 inches tall footballer, who packs quite a punch on the field. Jyoti is the striker of the Indian women's football team.
The 26-year-old footballer began her journey with the Indian women’s team in 2013 and intends to give the women’s football team the exposure that it deserves. She has a Masters degree in Sports and Health Science from University of Exeter and had no dearth of lucrative jobs, but decided to go for football instead. Why? Passion.

Despite being ranked 57 in the FIFA rankings, which is leaps better than the men’s team ranking of 163, the women’s team barely gets any visibility. “The men have a lot more exposure, they can play for their states in regular national tournaments, and they have more foreign trips. They can be full-time footballers; Indian women don’t have that luxury.” Jyoti said in an interview with The Ladies Finger. With players like Jyoti on the squad we’re sure that the women’s football team will start getting the attention they deserve.