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In August 1975, Bundy was arrested for the first time after he failed to pull over for a traffic stop. After seeing that the front seat of Bundy's 1968 Volkswagon Beetle was missing, the officer searched the car. This is what he found...

Meet Ted Bundy, One Of The Most Psychotic Killers
A ski mask, a second mask fashioned from pantyhose, a crowbar, handcuffs, trash bags, a coil of rope, and an ice pick. Police first thought that maybe these were burglary tools and placed Bundy under surveillance while they investigated. They noticed that Bundy's description matched that of the suspect being sought for the 1974 Seattle murders. A detective flew from Salt Lake City to Seattle to interview Bundy's long-distance girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer. Kloepfer told the detectives in detail about all of the strange things she had noticed about Bundy, including his odd habit of examining her with a flashlight under the covers while she slept.
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