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Eid is a huge deal for everyone in this country. For Muslims, it is a chance to finally give a break to their long messed up eating schedule and celebrate the occasion by having enormous Eid parties. And other people find it is as a chance to go to your Muslim friend’s house and drool over the delicious sevaiyyan.

As the month of Ramzaan begins and slowly moves towards Eid, so do the famous Bollywood Iftaar parties. They start small with lesser known TV actors who get bare minimum coverage on the inside pages of ‘Enter-Name-of-Any-City Times’ in Times of India, and then eventually grow into full page coverage of extremely important issues like Salman Khan hugging Shahrukh Khan at one of the many famous Bollywood Iftaar parties.

This video by Azeem Banatwalla presents a chucklesome take on these Bollywood Iftaar parties and the trivial happenings that are glorified by the newspapers.

Laugh it out!