Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Sitting alone, sometime thinking of you
What happened to my friend on whom I just leaned?
Though we'd just been friends, now far away
As reality is often bleak
We knew, we had to be apart
And that's the truth, both of us must bear…

I know, that I was lucky than I seem to be
You shared one hope, one smile
No matter where ever we were
I just respected that love and trust
Knowing, that never come cheap
Since, we behaved in a spirits
That all performed its own course

I know, I would neither lead you falsely nor betray
I have no more reason for my lack of yearning
No more explanation as why I did so
No more anguish to say that it wasn't real
I often think if I would have loved the whole earth
But no way, I can't

I know how hard it is, to resist
That crushes, an emptiness, that grips..
That lovely song, each time, hanging in the air
I know, no touch is more salient than a dream
Though dreams alone must sometimes be

I know the thought of giving up is just like death
But persistence also, after some times seem so foolish
I have lill pain that I handled it strangely
It was wrong but all I did so
I did what all I thought right
Imagining the years of my desolation
But I swear, I always kept alive the honor
I am really thankful for all your loveliness

Since, in many ways, it's doesn't seem
As if I last saw you
Your eyes seems hidden behind glasses
Cracking under the weight of tears
It foretelling that it'll take much to restore you..
Exactly as if, once you were there
Let the time go by
With the pace of time, it will be all right

Though, I know you're younger
Even mature and far beyond me in some way
But let me say, some thing
Please take my words as caress
Be brave and know yourself
You have to live for you
We all live our lives with love and grace