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Test Paper :2
Paper Type : Technical - Java
Posted By : Thomas Varghees

Technical questions

1.output of the following code:
#define M 5+5
void main()
{ printf( "%d', M*M);
2.*p+ + increment p or what it points to?
3.Find error with a given code:
4.syntax of free func.
5.give output:
void main()
int x=0, y=1;
(x || printf( "printing xn'));
(y|| printf( "printing yn'));

6 write one major advantage & disadvantage of recursion.
7.what is hashing?
8. give output:
int j=5;
printf( "%d %d %d', + +j, j, j+ +);
9.give output:

int static i=5, j=10;
int j=10; j=j+1;
printf( "%d %d %d j, j, j);
printf( "%d', i);

10. why printf( "%d', 'A'); will not return the value 1?

11. preorder and postorder traversal of a binary tree is given, construct the binary tree.

12. a binary tree is given, draw postorder traversal.

13. what is the difference between char const* , char *const ?

14. correction of a given code

15. write a macro function to return the maximum of two numbers.

16. how a pointer to a function is called & declared?

17 write a program for double linked list & delete the last node.

18. write a program for binary search of N numbers.

19. program related to string.