No meal is ever complete without a dessert. Our desserts section specialises in Kheers, Rabdis, Halwas and a variety of Indian Sweets.

* ½ tsp Lemon juice
* ¼ cup Castor Sugar
* 900 gms Mango pulp
* ¼ cup Double cream
* ½ cup Confectioners' Sugar
* 1 Grated rind of Orange and lemon
* 4 Egg Whites, whisked until peaks form


1. In a large, chilled bowl, mix half of the mango pulp, with the lemon juice and the grated rind.
2. Gently fold in the egg whites and caster sugar. Cover with cling film (plastic wrap) and place in the freezer for at least 1 hour.
3. Remove and heat again. Transfer to an ice cream container, and freeze until fully set.
4. Whip the double cream with the confectioners' sugar and the remaining mango pulp. Chill the sauce for 24 hours.
5. Remove the sorbet 10 minutes before serving. Scoop out individual servings and cover with a generous helping of mango sauce. Serve immediately.

Tip: Prevent dried fruit or nuts from sinking to the bottom of your batters by coating them lightly with flour first.