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Bollywood's drama queen Mallika Sherawat is up to a new trick to garner some limelight.

Now that her muchhyped Hollywood flick Hisss has flopped miserably, she is copying pop star Beyonce Knowles' style statement in a bid to make news.

On her Facebook account, Mallika has posted a picture of herself in a shiny corset top that compliments her figure, teaming the attire with equally a tight-fitting underwear that she provocatively tugs at the waist. She has captioned the black-and-white snap exuding a fresh-out-of-bed look thus: "New picture of me." The top reminds us of a similar one that Beyonce is seen donning towards the end of her music video of the hit number, Irreplaceable . Only, while Beyonce chose to team the top with regular black pants, Mallika's itsy-bitsy lowers desperately tries to draw attention to her sexy legs.

Not many, however, seem interested.

Although Mallika posted the picture on Thursday, by Saturday afternoon there were only 100 hits on her Facebook page. This, despite the fact that she has done a little bit of promo of the picture on her Twitter account, too. "I posted a new photo to Facebook," she wrote on Twitter.

No surprises, 90 per cent of the 100 who visited her Facebook page are males. While 80 visitors commented on the picture, some of them did come up with a few witty quips. While one surfer, jocularly referring to her tugging at lowers, couldn't decide if she was "taking it off or wearing it", another defined the snapshot as "desi girl in vilayti pose". A less impressed fan, taking a jibe at her recent horror dud Hisss , wrote: "( The picture) is looking like horor movie ( sic)." Meanwhile, her attempt to return to Bollywood after her Hollywood dreams soured isn't really working out so far. She has signed for a role in Indra Kumar's Double Dhamaal , after Vidya Balan reportedly rejected it.

The buzz on Double Dhamaal is that Mallika, who Mallika has posted a picture of herself in a shiny corset top on Facebook ( above) which reminds of a similar top worn by Beyonce ( left) in one of her videos.

at one point was making wild monetary demands, agreed to do the role for a price lesser than what is being paid to the film's other heroine Kangna Ranaut. This latest report comes in the wake of Mahesh Bhatt casting Jacqueline Fernandes in Murder 2 , despite Mallika having sizzled in the first film and having tried her best to get into the sequel. The Bhatts reportedly were upset with Mallika for claiming all credit for the success of Murder in 2003.

Pritish Nandy has also announced intentions of making a film with Mallika, for which he wants Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role. No concrete deal, however, has been struck yet.

Mallika returned to Bollywood earlier this year even as her stocks in Hollywood plummeted.

While the Jennifer Lynch-directed Hisss has flopped in India, it hasn't managed to get a US release yet. Her other international film, Politics of Love , has been stuck for quite some time now.

The latest buzz is that Sanjay Dutt has refused an offer opposite Mallika.

The film in question is a remake of the classic, Amrapali , and directed by Anil Garg. After Garg approached Sanjay with the script and suggesting Mallika as the heroine, Sanjay reportedly told him he had liked the script but asked him to get a different leading lady.

Considering only 100-odd people were interested in her latest risqué snapshot stunt, one can understand why she isn't getting many takers in Bollywood. It is high time she tries out something else in life as acting is surely not her cup of tea. And apart from a few films to her credit, she hasn't really earned accolades since long.