Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
I'm in love for the first time ,and it feels like I've reached heaven.
But my love is so good that I wish , that I would never die.
Being for the first time in love, my past miseries forgotten,
I've never felt better before , just please don't ask me why.

Life was a drag, a dirty sodden rag,
but now its fresh and clean.
My thoughts are new, head full of dew,
I'm having dreams I've never seen.

My heart pounds so hard sometimes,
It takes me to the stars.
Can't now ever wail or cry,
Don't even feel my scars.

People tell me I've changed these days,
And they often ask me why.
Some say that I've cracked a nut,
Or won someone in a try.

And I just feel, oh god, oh my,
I think what they're saying is true.
Ain't I in love with that pretty girl,
Who set all my problems askew.

The rain , it's so good these days,
I wish it never stops.
The smell of rain, the scent of love,
Takes me , all to the tops.

I've lost my spite, let off my steam,
Found a purpose for my life.
A simple yes, " oh god , oh yes"
Has vanished all my strife.

I am no more down in the dumps,
My life's a rising star.
And I just wish my love and me,
Stay forever the way we are.