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People are searching for new diet and exercise programs, but love is a natural.

Love Doesn't Make You Fat

Everybody's counting calories,
Shedding those extra pounds;
They're exercising, compromising,
Making the rounds;
There's a super hit sensation
That will keep your tummy flat;
If there's one thing I know for sure,
Love doesn't make you fat.

They're watching Richard Simmons,
Dancing to the beat,
Trying new-fangled diet plans
And other good things to eat;
A kiss doesn't add calories,
A touch won't burst your stuff,
With a dose of love each day,
You'll never get enough.

Love doesn't make you fat,
It's a polyunsaturated dream;
It's decaffinated, emancipated,
Sweeter than chocolate cream;
Love doesn't make you fat,
It's done wonders for me;
You can keep that "Bo Flex" body,
Love's got a lifetime guarantee.

Copyright: Joel Bjorling