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Tina loved Jason like crazy. They spent hours together, but Jason's friends always tagged along where ever they went. Jason liked Tina but was not very serious about her. His reason being he was too young for commitments. Whenever Tina argued about his friends going along with them, Jason would say, they are just my friends and we all can still have fun together and we don't have to be alone all the time. The thing that Tina dint say and what Jason could not understand was that lovers don't need privacy only in bed. you need to be alone and spend time with each other, be it the movies, or the disc or just a walk at the beach. Tina could not take this treatment any longer and they eventually broke up. Jason was 18 at that time, he migrated to the gulf and started working there.

When he was 25 he fell in love with Nikki who was 19. She was always surrounded with her friends. They did go out, but always Nikki's friends tagged along. Jason could not do a thing about it, but he felt the pinch. He really wanted to spend some time alone with her, wanted to share some moments of intimacy, and have her all for himself. That's when he realized how miserable Tina must have felt with all his attitude and behavior. He unfortunately could not do much to change Nikki, but definitely contacted Tina to apologize for the wrong he had done to her.

Friends.. the world is round, what goes around comes around. Be careful and treat the one's you love carefully. And yes, please do spend some time alone with your loved one's. Yes friends are important, but you'll be surprised to see the new friend within your lover