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For an effective and good communication ... Be a good listener first ::

When people express themselves verbally; they generally want evidence of at least two things:

They've been heard and They've been understood.
A good communicator tries first to be a good listener, here we advocate five steps toward good listening.

* Blending:
Everything about you, from body posture to voice volume,
must give the impression that you hear and understand.

* Backtracking:
Repeating back some of the actual words that another person
Is using and sending a clear signal that you're listening.

* Clarifying:
This step allows you to figure out what the person
intents to communicate.

* Summarizing:
This allows you to make sure that both you and the
Other person are on the same page.

* Reconfirming:
The fifth and the final step is to confirm what you
Have heard.

The key point:
Listen first, listen well: You aren't likely to be heard (or understood) until the person has said what
he or she has to say.

Learn and practices these five steps for good listening: Blend, back-track, clarify, summarize and re-confirming.
Make sure the other person knows you've heard and understood: You must establish this fact before you attempt
to get him or her to Hear and understand you.... .. try it out