Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.

It’s been a while.
And I still can’t let go.
Coz, you still the one I want.
I find it hard to see you.
Coz, I know your are no longer Mine.
And it break my heart, I see you have moved on.
And its feel like Heart been ripped from my chest.
I just want to wrap my arms around you,
Like I used to when it was Me and You.
But I know it can’t any more.
I still stare at your picture, and I miss that loving smile,
You used to give when you looked at me.
Knowing that I can’t talk to you again its killing me.
I wanted to tell you truth so many times, but I scared to Deed.
I called you once but knowing, I can’t hear you say you love me anymore.
I just Hang-up and whisper it to my self. Wishing you could hear.
Every girl I meet I compare to you, and it’s never the same,
Because, you are the one I still want the one who owns the key to my heart.
You the one I cry myself to sleep over. Coz, I m wanting you to Hold me tight,
But I know I don’t deserve your love, it’s not my fault, Non yours its all Destiny.
My feelings for you still stay same. I wish with all my heart it did not end,
And trying to get my head round it seems Impossible.
Coz, you the first thought in the morning and the last at night,
You are the thought I get whenever I close my eyes.
I miss not being able to call you mine, and the time we shared all that times.
The laughter we shared during the times we cried. Knowing the whole world could Apart.
But As long as we had each other, it did not meter.
I try some time to explain you how I Feel, But Putting into word are so hard,
When I hear your voice. That’s why I m writing you this.
Trying to make you understand, you really are my everything.
And my whole world is nothing without you. And when I try not to talk to you,
To try and mend my broken Heart.
I Miss you so much more. I only want to see you Happy, and although its no with me. The pain is worth it. Just to see the smile on your face and the look in your eyes. I know you still care for me. But the one thing you can’t do, Is mend this broken heart... Because I know … we can’t be together,
So while you have read this, I hope you realize just why I couldn’t explain
Because if I did I just cry...
I Love you so much Now and Forever!
And you always will Apart of Me….

Only Yours…..