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A leader does not mean just a leader of the army. Every one is a leader by himself. For example, one leads his mind to do this or that. Basically, success depends on our leader ship activities. A Leader is a motivating factor for his followers. A leader who guides and lead is a good leader. He achieves success. Bad Leaders misguide and mislead.

A mother brings up her children and thereby she becomes a leader of the family. Parents are necessarily leaders. In a school, head master s a leader. A boss in a factory is a leader of his team. They are not named as leaders. But they are leaders. A family is an organization. It should have a leader. A company has its managing director as its leader. The company's success naturally depends on him. He accepts challenges and runs his company even in adverse conditions. A leader never quits. He createa the necessary environment and enables others to work well. He works for a cause.

Great leaders lead people they rely on character. They accept short-term pain for long- term gain. Leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Mandela suffered in prison for their country and countrymen. The result of their sacrifice is freedom.

Great leaders listen well. They do not preach. They allow others to work. They are not greedy of power. Mahatma Gandhi did not work for the sake of power.

A leader always puts the following questions to himself.

1. Can people trust me?
2. Am I committed to the task?

3. Am I doing the best?

4. Do I care about the others?

If the answer is yes to all questions he is a good leader. He is involved in the work chosen. People have trust in him. He is doing his best. He is caring for others and not for himself. A good leader is trust worthy. He is dependable and gives strength and courage to those around him. A person who wants to achieve success in his endeavour has to develop leadership activities. A successful person gives his best leadership qualities can be acquired. This leadership is essential in every sphere of life.

The leader,

1. Innovates
2. Develops
3. Relies on people
4. Counts on trust
5. Does the right thing. (Source: Fortune)

Incidentally, a leader is not a troublemaker.

The youths of a country are the leaders of tomorrow. Their success depends on the way they would develop leadership activities.