Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Don't look back now coz u know,
cant hold them back so let em flow,
It doesn't take much to learn,
those pages U wrote ,just let em burn,
feel your pain through the veins,
all thats left is just your remains,
Hopes burning,dreams shattered,
U have lost all that mattered,
Give your heart sometime to heal,
coz its your heart not some deal,

But if you cant take it...

A drop of poison is all what it takes,
no life, no heart, no heart breaks,
give your friends your very last glance,
stop looking back coz there's no chance,
some eyes will shed tears,
and some...just unknown fears,

after you are gone

no one on that chair now for ages,
no more line now , just blank pages,
a dark silence trapped in your diary,
a question left unanswered, unasked, underlined...

Why did you leave this world?