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The engagement ring you choose will be one of the most enduring Jewels of your wedding day. Not only it is an important element of becoming married, but it is also a long-lasting symbol of your love and commitment. Therefore, you should choose a jewelry that is timeless and high quality.

There are several ways to pick an engagement ring. Since she'll be wearing for the rest of her life, you'll want to make sure you get it right. One option is to propose without an engagement ring, and then go to pick it out together. While this is a sure way to know that she'll like the ring, some people feel this robs the engagement ring of some of its romance. When they may prefer to bring her best friend or mother shopping with them, or have a romantic date of preview shopping for the ring. Another option is to study what kind of jewelry she wears - from what kind of metal, to whether it's contemporary or classic, even perhaps "borrowing" a ring to take with you to the jewelry store, which will also help you, know her ring size.

One of the things that you might want to do is to get something that's a little bit unique and different. If that's what you're looking for, you probably don't want to go to a chain store where everything looks the same. Instead, you can go to local jewelers, some of whom likely hand-make their rings and other jewelry. You can also design something yourself, or have it designed for you, so that you'll have something that no one else has. Another choice is to go and buy a ring that's not traditionally an engagement ring so that you'll be unique and different.

Follow your instincts with the look and design of your ring, while asking yourself if it will be a design you'll be comfortable wearing every day for the rest of your life. Style of wedding bands the traditional plain gold wedding band will be in style for years to come. If that's too plain for you, consider a beaded edge or an engraved style. For a slightly flashier look, what about channel-set diamonds? Ultimately, wedding band should be that you feel is expressive of your style and personality. There is few of couple that chose to have wedding bands custom-made that resembled bicycle gears, reflecting their mutual love of bike-riding.

Many couples choose the metal for their bands by matching it to their engagement ring. However, don't feel bound to this. A bride can choose to wear her engagement ring on her right hand, and wedding ring on the left. Also, each of you can wear a similar style in different metals. Consider which metals each of you wear regularly - is most of her jewelry silver? Is his watch gold?

However you choose to pick the ring you'll want to make sure that both of you is happy with the purchase so that it won't become a problem later down the line.

Author : Ranju Kumar