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Kiss the sun!
Summer heralds the arrival of sweat, lack of energy, dehydration, seasonal diseases, harsh sunburns, deep tanning and myriad skin and hair problems.

To combat this problem early on, one must have the required knowledge and skill. And a little extra time and attention goes a long way to ensure a glowing and fresh look. You also need to take care of your food intake for sustaining the glow and maintaining good health.

The hair and skin are victims of the harsh rays of the sun and harmful polluted gases that inhabit the air. The situation is aggravated by sweat, which acts like a magnet and attracts dust particles and other polluted elements. To combat this, one must follow a beauty regime that will not only restore but also preserve your inherent beauty.

Cleanse away

Deodorant soap destroys the natural essence of the skin by not only leaving it dry but also clogging the pores. Hence, for cleansing the face one should use a 'soap free' mild cleanser sans chemicals. The cleanser will remove the dirt and grime to expose clear skin without drying it. For people with oily skin applying a masque also helps absorb excessive oils, tighten pores and remove impurities embedded in the skin.

Tone up

For that added glow the cleansing process should be following by toning. A toner assists in the final removal of stubborn dirt and impurities buried in the pores. Toning also performs the dual function of tightening the pores and making the skin firm. Skip toning if you have dry skin, but if not then look out for a toner with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids, as they reduce large pores and help avoid ingrown hair. Toners should be used all over the face if you have oily skin or in the T-zone for those with combination skin. However, when selecting a toner use one that has less alcohol as it can have drying effect on the skin.


Moisturizing the skin after cleansing and toning makes it soft. A light moisturizer can be applied to prevent greasiness. Visible results can be possible by the correct application of moisturizer in dots from the forehead to the neck. This ensures uniformity.


Scrubbing gives the combined benefits of cleansing and exfoliation. Scrubbing 2-3 times a week leads to radiant, healthy and smooth skin. The results are instantly visible in the form of brighter glowing skin after scrubbing.

Therefore, to get that flawless look it is important to spare that extra hour for yourself this summer. And most important of all - a beautiful face is the reflection of a beautiful mind. Therefore, in addition to looking after your physical beauty it is important to have positive thoughts as well.