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ImageMrs Rich from the cartoon Richie Rich was an adorable woman. But being the rich lady that she was, she could easily get away with a rotund figure and a pronounced double chin.

But back then in the '50s the amount of wealth you possessed was directly proportional to your weight. Had the cartoon been made now, the makers would surely have drawn out a leaner, botoxed Mrs Rich.

Double chins are the by products of obesity. It can also be caused by genetics or can be age-related. Whatever be the cause, a double chin totally takes away the beauty of a face. Although harmless, it is possible to get rid of it and it is not very hard either.

Double chin is nothing but accumulation of fat under the chin. So eat a healthy diet which will reduce the overall fat content since you cannot get rid of fat deposits exclusively from under the chin. Avoid fattening foodstuffs. Fitness expert, Leena Mogre suggests, "Maintain a low-fat diet and, yes, most importantly stop binge drinking."

Mogre says, "The percentage fat has to come down for your double chin to go away. The only way you can get rid of it is through proper, intensive, heavy weight training. You should workout regularly. This will lead to an increase of lean muscle tissue which will increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which will in turn lead to fat burn." So dearies, no more avoiding exercise. Hit the gym! Pronto.

Jaw exercises
Your mum must have nagged you into giving up your annoying habit of chewing gum at all times. Chewing gum, however, is one of the best and easiest exercises for working out your jaw.

A simple exercise is to tilt your head backwards such that you are facing the ceiling. Stay in this position for a minute and then return to normal position. Repeat this exercise for five to 10 minutes everyday. Utkarsh Sanjanwala, yoga acharya advises Greeva Sanchalana, which is a set of neck rotation exercises.

If you are Miss Moneybags and don't mind spending a bomb, then liposuction is for you. In fact, Dr Amrish Baliarsing, consultant plastic surgeon, says it is the only way out. "We suction out the fat deposits in the chin. After a liposuction is performed, the patient will have to wear a pressure garment. This garment, generally known as the chin strap, applies pressure to the skin and helps to remodel it. It must be worn to avoid loose, hanging skin after liposuction," he says. Sometimes, people get a double chin as they age. "When the platysma muscle loses its elasticity, skin starts sagging giving rise to a double chin. It is called the Turkey Gobbler neck. In such cases, we tighten the muscle by trimming and suturing it," informs Dr Baliarsingh.

Ways through which you can camouflage a double chin

If you have a double chin, it is best to stick to haircuts that end at the jawline or above the jawline. This is because long hair will pull more attention to a double chin than ever. This is perfectly fine if you have a slender neck. But since you have a double chin, short haircuts are your best bet as they create an impression of a longer neck.

Avoid chokers like plague. They will draw attention to your double chin. Instead, try wearing long, dangling chains. You can also wear necklaces that are small but sit at the base of the throat.

Whatever garment you choose to wear, always keep your double chin in mind. Turtlenecks are a strict no-no. They will just draw attention to your double chin. Open, broad or low necklines is what you should opt for.

Make-up contouring is an art. Try applying a darker shade of foundation below your chin. This will effectively hide your double chin. But you must blend the darker foundation with the rest of your face. Your neck shouldn't stand out in a different shade altogether.

By Bushra S Khan

Image source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images