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"Salads can be sexy," declares Kardashian in a promotional video for the advertising campaign, which features, among other things, a shot of the star scraping some errant dressing off her chest with a slice of an apple.
Kardashian says her favorite pastime is what she calls "bed picnic," a messy feast that typically involves a post-meal bath.
Its true, I love to have bed picnics, Kardashian says in the ad. I'm such a neat freak, but I put out my towel and eat in bed, and then, when it gets all messy, I take a hot bubble bath after to wash it off.

As part of the campaign, Kardashian hosted The Ultimate Salad Lunch Date, a live and interactive Facebook event on Jan. 13. Carl's Jr. customers who purchase any of the new salads between Dec. 30 and Jan. 12 will receive a code to ask questions of Kardashian during the live event. However, no code is required to sit back and view the event via streaming video online from the comfort of your own bed picnic.
Better start that bubble bath.

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