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When leaks develop in your water pipes it not only can be a major headache for you to have someone come and fix, but can also be the source of potential water contamination in your pipes. The pipes that carry your fresh water supply can be affected but so can the pipes that carry away the waste water from your home. Usually starting out as barely noticeable areas of dampness in your ceilings or on your walls that you may overlook in your daily living, some leaks can even go unnoticed for many weeks or even months. When you finally come across any sort of dampness or discoloration in your paint or wallpaper, do not hesitate or ignore it. This sort of thing could quickly lead to a problem in your water system that could bring contamination into your home and to your family.

Water-borne diseases can wreak havoc on your family's health and all it takes to help prevent it is to visually inspect your home's water system once in awhile to make sure there are not any leaks. Any sort of leaks in your pipes or joints can allow contaminants to enter into your water supply system and infect your family with all manner of water-borne illnesses. Having your water supply contaminated will make it unsafe to drink and will require you to take immediate actions to clear it up.

Every year thousands of people end up in hospitals due to being exposed to contaminated water supplies within their homes. However, it is not only private homes that are at risk of water supply contamination; businesses and public institutions such as hospitals and seniors homes are often the site of water contamination problems. Sometimes the problem is contaminated drinking water supply and other times it is a problem with airborne contaminants brought on by mildew and mould created by the leak's dampness. It cannot be stated strongly enough that many of these water problems can be prevented by simply taking the time to inspect your water supply to make sure it is safe. Apartment Living at Its Finest

People who live in apartments have a different sort of problem than anyone who owns their own home. It is not always easy for apartment dwellers to inspect the water supply system in the building, as it is far more complex and extensive than the system of pipes in a normal home. However, if you happen to notice any sort of difference in the way your water tastes or looks (discolored or smelly water is never a good sign) get in touch with your building's superintendent with your concerns.

A great many apartment buildings in the country are older and have ancient water systems, some even still using lead pipes. The water that comes out the tap end of the system is only as good as the pipes it flows through and so if the pipes are old it is probably a pretty safe bet that they are dangerously contaminated and it's only a matter of time before the diseases are passed along through the pipes.

It is important that you report any water problems quickly to your building's superintendent so that he will remedy the impending contaminant situation. The longer you wait to have something done about the problem, the more likely, that you will soon start to notice yourself or your family members not feeling well and having trouble staying healthy. It is much easier to fix water supply problems when they are small and caught early on. If left unattended the contamination will only spread and it will grow rapidly, quickly becoming a danger not only to you and your family, but also to every other person who lives in the same building.