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Test Paper :3
Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 13 October 2005
Posted By : Unknown

Hi ,
Yesterday (13 Oct 2005) I attended Keane India interview. The course for which I have applied is TESTING. And I would like to share my first interview experience to all of u. I am 2004 passed out completed my B.Tech in ECE.

Keane selection pattern consists of 4 rounds. Namely:
1) Written test (Elimination Round)
2) GD (Elimination round)
3) Psychometric test (Not an Elimination Round)
4) Technical Interview.

About 1500 to 1600 people attended the written, out of which 125 were short-listed. Out of 125 about 6 batches were made for GD (21 in each batch).
About 80 were short listed in GD (from each batch 7 members were eliminated).
Finally they will be selecting 35 members from interview (i.e., the batch size they required for testing is 35 only. For other courses I heard the batch size is 40)

Written Pattern:

Written pattern would be based on the course you have applied for.
For testing paper was quite easy.Consists of 60 Questions to be answered in 60 min. There were 3 sections.
1) Quantitative Aptitude---------------------------25 questions.
2) Verbal and comprehension---------------------25 questions.
3) Logical Reasoning and Computer Basics-------10 Marks.

For other development side courses like Mainframes and Peoplesoft the pattern was somewhat tough. Tough in the sense the no of questions in each section were more.

Consists of 75 Questions to be answered in 60 min. There are 3 sections.
1) Mathematical Ability & Aptitude------------30 marks
2) Verbal and Comprehension-----------------25 marks
4) Computer Basics & Logical reasoning-----20 marks.

SECTION 1: Mathematical Ability & Aptitude

Questions on
* Number systems like--
How many numbers between 100 and 200 are odd, divisible by 3, but not by 7?
Also on lcm, hcf, etc.

*Time &work
*Areas and volumes, length of chord etc.

SECTION 2: Verbal and Comprehension

*Reading Comprehension
*sentence completion...

*Arranging sentences in correct order. eg:
P: Alas! she had only 30 rupees with her.
Q: Bindu got late for the exam and she started in a hurry.
R: She called an auto and he demanded 50 rupees..
S: She blamed her hurry, as in hurry, she forgot to bring more money.
T: She went to the bus stop and there were no buses.

The following is the exact order of sentences:
a) PRSTQ b) QTRPS c) RSQPT d)QPRTS e)none of these
Answer :b

SECTION 3: Computer Basics & Logical reasoning
Logical Reasoning like eg:
P: All girls are Bindus.
Q: Some Bindus are boys.
R: All Bindus are boys.
S: Some boys are not girls.
T:All girls are boys.
U:All boys are girls.

The following sentences are logically related:
a) UTQ b) PQS c) TSP d) RPS e) QSP
Answer : b


Even GD round was different for testing and other courses. In my case our batch consists of 21 members. Topic was Population In India-Pros and Cons-Steps to control.Each member was called at random and he needs to talk on the topic for about 1 or 2 min. We need to talk only when our chance comes.

It's not like general GD. But for other courses it was like general GD only.Other topics, which my friends faced, were:
Youth role in Politics-Pros and Cons,
Impact of Globalization on Indian Economy,
Mobile Phones ad their Nuisance,
IT development in India

Psychometric test: It's not so important. About 10 questions were given with 2 choices. We need to tick one of them. The test reflects our personality.

For e.g.,
How do you sit while talking to others?
a) Lean forwards.
b) Sit backwards.

I heard that they would consider this only while selecting in final round if two persons have same scores.

Technical Interview:

There were 9-pannels to interview us.
They will ask to take a slip from a bowl. Depending upon the no. we get that particular panel will interview us.
I got panel 6.

There were two people. Both are technical members. They were very friendly and cool.
I wished them and took my seat.
1) Tell me about yourself.
2) Did u write GRE? I said I wrote, But my parents are not willing to send US.
3) What are Your extra-curricular activities?
4) Asked my favorite subject in my Btech.
I told Microprocessors (As I am Btech ECE).
Then they asked questions on Microprocessors.
5) What did u learn in Microprocessors? I said 8086 Architecture.
6) Then he asked me whether 8086 is 8-bit or 16-bit. I said 16-bit.
7) Then he asked about the registers in 8086.
8) About length of address and data in 8086 (add-16 and data-16).
9) What's the maximum Address you can access with a 16-bit Address? Ans: FFFF
10) What we call if we place the address of a data in memory location in another location? I said Indirect Addressing.
11) What are the Addressing Modes of 8086? Told the Addressing modes.
12) Then he asked me to give an example for immediate addressing.
13) Then asked me to write simple addition program.
14) What is a DMA controller?
15) What is Your PC configuration?
16) What are the DMA devices and non DMA devices in your PC?
17) Then he asked about Difference Between RAM and CACHE memory.
18) Then they asked me to draw the diagram of a microcomputer.
19) Then he asked other than this what Programming languages you know well. I said ORACLE.
20) Then they asked questions on ORACLE.
21) What is Normalization? Need for Normalization.
22) What are the Normal forms we have?
23) What is a Trigger?
24) What's the difference between DDL and DML statements?
25) What are the DDL commands we have?
26) What is a view?
27) Can we update the data in a table from a view? I said no.
28) What are Entry controlled loops and Exit controlled loops? I said Entry controlled if LOOP -------- ENDLOOP and Exit controlled is REPEAT ----- UNTILL.
29) Asked about While LOOP.I said Entry controlled. Don't know correct answer. I think While is also Exit controlled.
30) Then he asked again other than this what you know like C, C++. I said I don't know C++. Then asked me do u remember C. I said somewhat.
31) Then asked me -You are 2004 pased out Why did u take this much time to get a job? I said I spent 3 to 4 months for GRE, afterwards learned Oracle and SAP-ABAP.
32) Then they asked is there any specific reason you have chosen SAP-ABAP. I told since it is some what database related I choose it.
33) Then asked me where you want yourself to be seen in next 3 years.
34) Finally they asked any questions for us?