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ImageKatrina Kaif is undoubtedly a diva. She has mesmerised everyone with her flawless beauty, magical eyes, hourglass figure and enchanting looks. Her unparalleled beauty has made not just men, but even women go gaga. Even in her 30s, she looks sparklingly flawless as ever. And, if there is any actress in Bollywood whose beauty and fitness secrets are most sought after, it is indeed Katrina Kaif!

We have been getting many requests by our readers to reveal Katrina Kaif's beauty secrets, especially from the soon-to-be brides. So, here are some great beauty tips from the diva herself, to help you cast magic on the man of your dreams.

Her secret to glowing skin

Katrina Kaif believes that the easiest way to get beautiful, glowing skin is to have 4-5 glasses of water early in the morning. This helps to detoxify your body and aides in healthy blood circulation.

Katrina Kaif Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Also, once in a while it is important to pamper your body with facials and massages. This increases blood circulation and makes the skin glow. She uses natural beauty oils and milk to cleanse her skin from time to time.

For beauty emergencies, she relies on mineral mud masks as they help to remove the skin impurities quickly.
Katrina Kaif Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

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