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Katrina does not believe in wearing too much makeup. Two things that she cannot leave her home without are lip balm and moisturising sun block. For someone who travels a lot, she truly knows the importance of applying sunscreen.

Foundation is one makeup product that she tries to avoid as far as possible. What's more? She always applies ice, wrapped in a muslin cloth, on her face before applying any makeup products.

Katrina Kaif Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

For eyes and lips- For the magical effect to the eyes, this Bollywood actress uses a lot of kohl and mascara. She says that it uplifts the face and let the eyes do all the talking. To keep the lips looking attractive yet not too flashy, she suggests using a good lip gloss. It adds colour to your lips and keeps them glittering all the times.

P.S.: Katrina stresses that it is important to remove all makeup before you hit the bed in the night.
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