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Kate Upton's Sexy Ad's Budget is  Million

If you’ve been on the internet any time in the past few months, you can’t escape ads for Game of War: Fire Age. They’ve blanketed Twitter TWTR +0.04%, Facebook and banner ad slots the world wide web over, promoting the self-described “F2P Mobile MMO,” whose title is an apparent word vomit amalgam of Game of Thrones, God of War, Fire Emblem and Dragon Age, none of which it emulates in the least.

Now, they’ve taken mobile games advertising to an entirely new level, allocating a massive $40M budget for not only the ads you’ve already seen, but toward making supermodel Kate Upton the face (and body) of the game.

This can be seen in Game of War’s new high budget trailer which could easily be an ad for a Clash of the Titans movie sequel. Amid battling armored soldiers and fire-breathing dragons, a curvy Upton strides through the carnage. “Come and play with me,” she says, in a way that will give many nightmarish flashbacks to Evony banner ads of old.

Upton’s involvement isn’t just limited to her appearence in the commercial, however; she’s also made it into the actual game. Her character, “Athena,” is the player’s host, encouraging them to complete quests as a static 2D avatar. Though Game of War isn’t quite so reliant on sexy women as say, Evony, it certainly uses them when it can, and now especially given they’ve landed Upton as a spokesmodel.

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