This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
The Sikh regiment was climbing a hill in the Kargil sector during the war when suddenly from the direction of the summit the Pakistani regiment opened fire on them. The Sikh regiment took cover behind boulders and started to return the firing. The firing continued for a long time and no progress was made so the Sikh regiment?s captain thought that since the names of almost all the pakistani soldiers are like yusuf iqbal mustafa etc. he?ll call out their names and the moment they react to the call we?ll shoot them.
So he started calling out-"Yusuf" four hands shot up and they were gunned down. Then the captain called out-"iqbal" three hands shot up and they were gunned down this continued for a few more minutes till the Pakistani?s got wise and stopped responding.
The Pakistani captain then thought that at this rate all his men would be killed so he adopted the strategy of the Sikh captain and thought that all Sikhs have names rhyming with Inder like Sukhwinder, Devender, Jaswinder etc.
So the Pakistani captain started calling out "Sukhwinder" no hands shot up from the Indian side. The Pakistani captain again called out-"Sukhwinder" still no hands shot up.
The Pakistani captain called out the same name twice again when instantly came the reply that-
"Oye Sukhwinder nu kaun yaad kar-riya si?"(who is remembering Sukhwinder?).
The Pakistani commander immediately shot up his hand and said-"Main"(me) and BANG he was shot dead.