Funniest collection of jokes related to Marriage, Politics, Santa Banta, Doctors, blondes and Lawyers. Hilarious Spicy jokes to tickle your funny bone.
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Hilarious Jokes
Laugh on the Craziest Jokes in English. The best part is the Joke of the day, Funny jokes and one liners. Laughter will be fun.
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New Restroom Trip Policy
by Caroline
17 Apr 2019, 17:02
Santa Banta Jokes
Here are the Jokes of your Favorite Santa and Banta. They are here on a mission to make you laugh.
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Double Decker Bus Ride
by shafni
18 Jul 2016, 23:17
Marriage Humor
Jokes for people who are Married or who wants to get married. Read the jokes to know the Hidden Truths behind such relations.
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Truck For Sale
by Rahul
03 May 2019, 06:13
Bars Jokes
These Jokes are best suited to People who Drink because they'll understand Most of the Jokes when not Drunk.
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Pulling a Fast One on ...
by Nidhi
18 Apr 2016, 00:23
Political Jokes
These Jokes are dedicated to our Beloved Corrupt Ministers and Political Idiots.
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Abortion Bill
by yaashul
16 Dec 2014, 03:44
Child Jokes
Jokes based on sweet incidents of cute and naughty kids. Check out how innocent they really are.
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And the Moral Is
by Saurabh
07 May 2016, 03:17
Medical Jokes
These are one of the funniest kind of jokes because the Medical profession is otherwise a serious profession.
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Miracle Cure
by Sachin
23 May 2017, 23:10
Technology Jokes
Computers and technology are not to be made fun of. Do you really think so? Get in here to know the truth about them.
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True Incident from ...
by TheAryan
20 Jan 2015, 00:07
Blonde Jokes
Blondes are the most intelligent people of the world. Are they? Check out for yourself.
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Dealing with a ...
by Sanjana
20 Apr 2015, 01:46
Sports Jokes
Jokes based on your Favorite Sports and Sportstars. See if you can stand the idea of these sports being made fun of.
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Appraisal Comments
by Sachin
19 Mar 2015, 18:26
Personality Jokes
Have you ever seen Personalities made fun of? Enter this section and read jokes on personalities.
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Einstein and His ...
by yaashul
16 Dec 2014, 03:53
Community Jokes
This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
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Have faith
by Geetika
15 Jan 2016, 23:33
Lawyers Jokes
Lawyers are the true most people on Earth. Ha ha ha. Sorry, we are not allowed to lie publically. But these jokes are truly hilarious.
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Lawyers Don't Lie
by Rahul
15 Jan 2016, 22:22
Animal Jokes
Animals are so cute even when they can't speak. Just imagine what would happen if they start speaking their thoughts. Check ut for yourself.
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What’s the Plural of ...
by Sachin
26 May 2015, 19:25