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Hi friend,
today i have given the exam of jet airways .
It is a tough q . The pappern is quite weaky type . i am from ece but in their q paper there was at least 15 q what a ece student doesnot have any idea abt .
The test consist of 50 q . time is 2 hrs .

what i can remember is that

1. problem on max pow transfer .
max q are problem based . Those have not have the gate prep will find the paper a bit touch .

2. a q relatec to mid rise quantizer.
3. gain =-1000 beta=-.1 if freq gain gets reduced by a factor of ten thn wht will be the effect on feedback gain of the amplifier ?
4. junction cap is 5 pF and rev bias voltage is 4v . If the volatage is noq 16v then what is the junction cap ?

5.Various q on transformer like 3 phase, aplit transformer . wien gauge application etc .
6. q on alternator . parallel akternator .
7.rotor , starter problem thei matals .
8. if an fm sine wave is modulated by asaw tooth wave form thn wht will happen ? there was 4 condition
9. 8 aptitudes . time consuming purely based on calculation .
10. 1 q on microwave ....i just can't remember .

So goys this is the stuff what i can remeber . I don't know this will hlp u or not . But before the exam i have faced many difficulties trying to find out jet papaer /. There is not a single one . so i've decided to let u know the pattern n reduce ur problem .

please let me know abt any info u want .....

u can contact me in this id's
bye .... mainak ghoshhajra , kolkata