These Jokes are best suited to People who Drink because they'll understand Most of the Jokes when not Drunk.

An Irishmen walked into a bar and ordered three different drinks in three different glasses. He walked to a table, sat down, and began to drink each drink one at a time. When he was finished he went up to get three more.
The Bartender said, "Why do you get three different drinks? It would be a lot easier for me to mix them."
The Irishman said, "When my two brothers moved away we all promised that every day we would drink each others favourite drink."
The bartender said, "That's very cool."
So the Irishmen did this for a number of years. But one day he walked in and only ordered two drinks. Everybody looked up and bowed their head. When the Irishmen walked up to the bartender the bartender said, "I am so sorry about your brother."
The Irishmen looked at him funny and said, "Oh No, everybody's all right it's just that I stopped drinking."