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# Don'ts for media interview

* Don't over react to a reporter's questions by becoming angry.
* Don't answer a question out of your area of expertise, even if you know the correct answer.
* Don't try to stop a story.
* Don't tell a reporter more than he/she wants to know.
* Don't discuss specific information that would tend to give aid to the competition.
* Don't repeat negative questions in a response.
* Don't argue with a reporter, even when provoked.
* Don't blame anyone for anything.
* Don't say "no comment".
* Don't allow the reporter to compare yourself or your organization to anyone/anything else.
* Don't ask the reporter when the story will appear.
* Don't drop your guard when the interview is over.
* Don't give additional publicity to bad news.
* Don't expect every word, fact and figure to be reported.

# Stay calm

Be friendly even when the interviewer isn't. Avoid arguments. Be cool and positive.

# Be concise

Always keep answers short and must related to the point. You have to give a chance of being quoted correctly.

# Be accurate

The information provided must be absolutely accurate. If the information provided is wrong then your credibility can be destroyed.

# Keep it simple

You must avoid the abbreviations during the interview. You have to use the language that will understand by the public.

# Be comfortable and take charge

If the interviewer interrupts before you finish answering a question, then pause, listen and then continue to answer the initial question. If a reporter calls and you need time to gather the information, say you will call right back.