Unable to completely enjoy the Jokes in English? Fropky pesh karte hain, chutkule, ab aapki manpasand bhasha mein.
There were 3 seargants sailing on a ship - a German, an American and an Indian. They were having a talk on 'Himmat'.
The German seargant said(in hindi) - mere jawaanon main bahut himmat hai. He commands one of his man to jump in the sea and take 1 round. The man jumps takes 1 round and comes back. The Searge says - Dekhi inki himmat.
Now its American seargants turn. He says - Thats nothing, see this -He commands one of his men to jump in the sea and take 2 rounds and come back. The man does as he is said so. Searge says - DEKHA!!!
And now the Indian Seargant. He says - mere jawanoon main bahut himmat hai - He command one of his men to jump in the water and take 10 rounds. The man says - Apna Baap ka maal samajh rakha hai kya -Then the Searge says - Dekhiye inki himmat!!???