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Their daughters are both over 6ft and want to be models

They stand out wherever they go and now India 's tallest family is hoping to set a new world record with their combined height. The Kulkarnis, from the city of Pune in the west of the country, tower above their countrymen. The family's combined height is a staggering 26ft.

India's Tallest Family

Mr and Mrs Kulkarni were crowned India ’s tallest couple by their country’s Limca Book of Records after they married in 1989. They had hoped to be named the world's tallest couple by the Guinness Book of Records, until it emerged that Wayne and Laurie Hallquist, from Stockton , California , stand a combined inch taller at 13ft 4ins.

Mr Kulkarni said: 'We were a little disheartened. It’s nice to have recognition when you live your life being so different. It ends up meaning something. But we’re excited about new prospects.’