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ImageIndia has a dubious distinction when it comes to corruption as indicated by Transparency International. In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by TI (a Berlin-based anti-graft watchdog), India is ranked 72 among 180 countries.

Now find out which are India's most and least corrupt states. A survey conducted by Transparency International-India and the Centre for Media Studies in New Delhi has for the first time released the list of India's most and least corrupt states.

The survey puts India's states into four categories: Alarmingly Corrupt; Very Highly Corrupt; Highly Corrupt; and Moderately Corrupt.


The survey says that there are four states in the 'Alarmingly Corrupt' category, led by Bihar.

Bihar is the 12th largest Indian state in terms of area and the third largest when it comes to population. Biharis are far behind other Indian in human and economic development terms, (source, Wikipedia) thus fuelling corruption and migration.

The survey is a part of efforts by Transparency International - India to reduce corruption by promoting and supporting transparent and ethical practices in the government sector.

It had randomly selected a sample of 22,728 BPL (below poverty line that is poorest) households from all across the country and they were surveyed to ascertain which were the most unhappy and extorted lot and in which state.