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8. Chris Simms plays on with a ruptured spleen
Iconic Sportsmen Who Battled On in Serious Injuries
There are plenty of big hits in American Football, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarter-back Simms took several against the Carolina Panthers in 2006.

After one particular heavy challenge, Simms bowed out of the game, but returned to led a scoring drive as the Buccs went down 26-24.

After the game, tests in hospital revealed that Simms had ruptured his spleen, and emergency surgery would be needed.

Doctors removed his spleen, but Simms lost five pints of blood during the surgery. If he had gone untreated for another 45 minutes, Simms would have been near death.

“I remember the play, but the [rest of] the game is foggy, said Simms, whose career at the Buccaneers faded after he struggled to reclaim a starting spot and he has since gone into coaching.