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7. Terry Butcher’s cut head against Sweden
Iconic Sportsmen Who Battled On in Serious Injuries
With the health and safety laws around these days, the sight of a player with a blood-splattered head is unlikely to be seen on a football field again.

Terry Butcher entered folklore after helping England reach the 1990 World Cup finals when he was bloodied, but unbowed in Sweden.

Needing a point to qualify for Italia ‘90, England saw Butcher suffer a head wound early in the game, which was hastily stitched up and bandaged by the physios.

As happens in these situations, the ball then seemed to be attracted to captain Butcher, which reopened the wound all over his shirt as England battled to a 0-0 draw.

Butcher revealed: “I’d have never have walked off, and Bobby Robson knew that if he’d have taken me off I’d have killed him.”