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6. Tyler Hamilton rides Le Tour with broken collarbone
Iconic Sportsmen Who Battled On in Serious Injuries
Geraint Thomas’ bravery is wowing them in France, but in 2003 it was Tyler Hamilton who beat the pain in Le Tour.

On the first stage into Meaux, Hamilton fell heavily in a mass pile-up near the finish. He remounted, but it soon became clear there was a problem with his shoulder.

After going to hospital for an X-ray, he was diagnosed with a fractured collarbone and looked out of the race.

“The team (CSC) left it up to me,” said Hamilton. “I didn’t want to give up. The doctor said if I could handle the pain, then maybe it was possible to continue.”

He started the next day and finished and went on, even winning the final mountain stage of the Pyrenees.

When the Tour ended, Hamilton lay fourth, having ridden 4,000km with a broken bone.

Earlier in Hamilton’s career, he had carried on riding in the 2002 Tour of Italy with a broken shoulder. He finished second overall, but ground his teeth so hard through the pain that he had to have 11 of them capped or replaced after the race.