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5. Franz Beckenbauer plays in sling at World Cup
Iconic Sportsmen Who Battled On in Serious Injuries
Franz Beckenbauer was known as ‘Der Kaiser’ during his playing days because of the classy way he bossed games as he glided around the field.

Nothing ever seemed to get in the way of his serenity, not even a broken collarbone in the 1970 World Cup semi-final between West Germany and Italy.

The West Germans were 1-0 down in Mexico City when, after a foul, Beckenbauer fell and was injured.

With his side having used their two substitutes, Beckenbauer sent away the stretcher and opted to carry on, with his injured arm put in a sling.

His bravery looked to have paid off when Karl-Heinz Schnellinger equalised in the time added on for Beckenbauer to be treated.

But the match, called the “Game of the Century”, still had many twists and turns, with five more goals in extra time – the only World Cup game in which this has happened – as Italy won 4-3.