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It was "US" ...
But now "US" doesn't exist
It's only "ME"
With a pain I can't resist

Walking around all alone
In places where we used to be
Now looking so dark and cold
Where before love was endless and free

Sitting where we used to sit
Where memories of us flood my mind
Tears streaming down my face
A very painful sensation I cannot hide

Loneliness fills every part of me
All I feel is emptiness and sorrow
Tears and pain are a common thing
There is no reason to live for tomorrow

Though you hurt me, I still love you
The love I hold for you is beyond my control
Forgetting you is something impossible to do
No matter what, I can't deny you're still my soul

I can't deny this pain that kills my heart
But because this pain was caused by you...
I'm glad I was hurt by love