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ImageApplying for your first job

At this stage, you will most likely be fresh out of college, with a rough idea of what career path you would ultimately like to tread.

Your first job is an essential step in this direction, it will provide several opportunities to develop a professional outlook on the basis of your hard work and talent.

Employers will look at your resume with the intention of gleaning information such as your capability of handling responsibility, working well in a team and dealing with pressure. Thus, in addition to mentioning your basic qualifications, it is imperative that you include extracurricular activities you may have participated in.

Be it a sport you played, debate/elocution competitions you won, or leadership qualities you displayednow is the time to communicate that you are a keen, enthusiastic and dedicated worker.

Your resume should ensure that you have the maturity, skill and determination to tackle any task. So, do mention that you know a foreign language or have exceptional computer skills.