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As my sister's wedding approaches which will take place on the beautiful beach of Thailand, alarm bells ring in my head about 'wedding gifts'! I understand the need to provide the happy couple, especially if they are your sibling, with a gift of sentimental value and to mark the happy occasion, but when it comes down to it how many of us actually prepare in advance for selecting the best gift? As it happens, only a handful of people if not less, manage to do the right thing and buy their wedding gifts months in advance. Some of us on the other hand will leave it to the very last minute to purchase something decent and thoughtful.

However, those who have trouble looking for gifts will generally find it very difficult to shop around at the last minute. Weddings are a multi-million pound industry seeing many of these profits going into the organisation and gift selections, rather than just on catering, clothing and ice sculptures! As much as this is both an exciting and stressful time of one's life, it also imposes a certain question mark over the guest's heads; how well do they know their friends or relatives enough to buy them the perfect gift?

The trouble is people are too hung up on the idea of finding perfect wedding gifts, when really all they need to do is pinpoint the thing they like the most or the thing that they are likely to use the most. Customising gifts is a good way to remind the couple of what you had contributed to their wedding for many years to come after! The pressure is much higher for close family and friends, but this leaves no excuses for people who are only distantly acquainted.

It may sound easy enough to just pinpoint the likes and dislikes of the couple; however it is difficult to do this with a subtle approach. This is where you contact the family members, preferably the parents. Or if you are a family member, it should not be too hard for you to discuss this with your parents to come up with a gift that will signify some thought and effort. The safer and still more popular gift to purchase is a complete dinner table set or fine china dishware. Most often people will customise and stylize the design on them, so as to give them that extra special generosity and allowing the couple to keep it as a memorabilia.

Though some may believe that buying dinner sets is common and old fashioned, customising the gift is always original because no two customised design are the same and will have imprinted on it the sender's signatory message. Wedding gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive and grandiose, but they do have to show some degree of affection, appreciation and a lasting symbol of the celebratory day.

Some original gifts can be edible, such as a hamper basket or vintage wine that can be opened upon the ten year or twenty year anniversary, complete with a customised label. Other gifts could be in the form of an electrical gadget, tools, household ornament or even inscribed champagne glasses. There is no right or wrong answer to picking the best present, but there is the obvious answer that you should not just gift wrap any old junk or cheap gift hoping to slip through the net somehow! Of course there is some degree of appreciation and being grateful for sharing the experience. Therefore, it is best to choose wisely and take your time.

Author : Anna Stenning