Been lucky enough to purchase a new house yet? Or fond of Interior Designing? This place might help you with these issues, Reading a few articles will certainly help you make your home sweet home a much better place to live.
ImageWindows never fail to catch one's attention. Use this to advantage -- to create a mood, make a statement, or focus a view.

Think of your window as a canvas. By dressing it up using colour and detailing, you can brighten up any room. Of course, the window treatments should complement the room's door. If possible, plan for your window treatments when you are renovating/ constructing.

Forget patterns and prints (unless they are really bold and defiant). Concentrate on the texture and drape of the fabric. Be creative. Experiment with painting, block printing and embroidery techniques to create a curtain/ blind that is yours and yours alone.

The best way to complement a good curtain treatment is the use of light. Natural light, table lamps, floor lamps and wall/ ceiling fixtures (even candles work just as well, if you want to be really creative) can enhance the setting. You can use different options to create different moods.

If someone walks into your house, sees the curtains/ blinds and remarks, "That's interesting!", you know you have hit the nail on the head.