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ImageA teenage boy's pad

A teenage boy's room should have bold colours and reflect his personality and taste in some way. This boy's favourite colours are blue and yellow, as is evident.

The golden cedar furniture offsets the blue and yellow used on the blinds.

The cotton fabric keeps it informal. The check design has been created using two plain fabrics and stitching them together in a patchwork design. A cross-stitch detail in metal thread gives it a contemporary feel.

The blinds have a tab top heading with yellow buttons, fitted on a nickel finish rod with cedar finials (a sculptured ornament, often in the shape of a leaf or flower, at the top of a gable, pinnacle, or similar structure).

The blind concept has been repeated inversely on the bedspread, thereby tying in the concept with the furniture and door.

Generally, cotton fabric works best in a boy's room as they come in bright colours and do not look formal. They are also cheaper and thus easy to re-do in another colour/ design when the person gets bored of the style or grows out of the concept, as they often do.