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ImageBlinds instead of curtains

By and large, unless it is a living or dining room, master bedroom or large French windows, blinds (something, such as a window shade or a Venetian blind, that hinders vision or shuts out light) are generally a better option.

Why blinds

They keep the look simple and the need to use full-length curtains is reserved for formal areas.

Bedrooms that have half-size windows, are ideal for blind concepts. A blind does not have to be just one flat piece of fabric; it offers a whole host of opportunities to exercise one's creativity.


One such possibility is the fan design that brings out the existing window feature and turns the window into a picture frame.

The stripe fabric brings in a lot of colour and is ideal for this particular design. The pastel green combined with a deep rust; peach and beige complement the natural teak furniture.

The tab top design allows for the use of a pole as an added feature. This one, in a bronze finish, has some interesting ends that serve as an embellishment.

Play with light

The blinds are kept half raised to allow the light to stream in and serve as a backdrop for the fan. The bedspread, in matching colours, makes an otherwise small and non-descript room look warm and inviting.