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ImageThe dining space

It is not just the food that is going to score points out here (if your culinary skills are not that great, then working on the door is absolutely essential!).

Inviting your girlfriend/ boyfriend over, entertaining your boss, or having a small get together of friends? Then your dining room must impress.

Make a statement

Since dining rooms usually have heavy furniture and few accessories, the window treatments should make a statement and bring some colour into the room.

The style of the furniture, the flooring, wood finish and wall colour would dictate the window treatment to a large extent.

To create a feeling of warmth and luxury, use warm tones.

Understated elegance

A dining area would generally have just one window.

In this picture, we have a formal dining area that needs to make a statement of understated elegance. The dining table and sideboard are in a deep walnut matt finish, which is offset by the burnt stripe fabric used on the blinds.

The diamond border in four colours on a soft apricot silk brings in the detailing.

The sheers are an off-white self-stripe that adds to the warmth of the room.

The illusion of space

The double blind system makes the relatively small dining room appear larger and the valance (short drapery, decorative board or metal strip mounted across the top of a window to conceal structural fixtures) dresses it up and gives it a formal touch. The apricot silk valance has embroidered borders that coordinate with the blinds and is casually draped over an antique bronze drapery pole. This makes it look contemporary, even as it retains the luxurious feel.

Inviting colours

Dining room windows should have colours that are inviting. Warm tones are better for rooms with less light and/ or dark wood finish. Cool summer colours are a perfect complement to the lighter wood finishes and bright, well-lit rooms.

If you are using curtains, ensure you have them drop from the maximum height possible to create a feeling of subtle opulence. A great view is best framed using a sheer fabric in pastel or summer tones in a heavy pleated drape.


Coordinate table linen to complement your window treatment. Most people don't pay attention to this detail; those who do get compliments because it is a detail that always catches the eye. Sometimes, it even makes up for a not-so-impressive main course!