Been lucky enough to purchase a new house yet? Or fond of Interior Designing? This place might help you with these issues, Reading a few articles will certainly help you make your home sweet home a much better place to live.

ImageThe master bedroom

You are likely to spend a lot of time here, so make sure you don't tire of the door easily. It should exude comfort and warmth.

The window in the picture belongs to a couple who wanted something formal yet simple. Colours were out, which left us with detailing.


We chose simple drapes with a pleated heading and embroidered borders in the Greek key motif. They are hung from ceiling height on a simple but elegant drapery pole that has a copper finish and nice ends.

It is important to choose hardware with a contemporary design; the variety of options today allow for a lot more flexibility.

Illusion of height

Ceiling height curtains make the room look grand. The full height of the wall is used to make the room look bigger and pulls the eye upwards.


The fabric is a textured, dull gold, silk fabric with an excellent drape that focuses on style-without-fuss. It is important to have a heavy drape with good pleats. The embroidery motif in olive green adds just the appropriate amount of detailing.

If the view from the window is good, use the lightest sheer to keep away the direct glare of sunlight.

On the other hand, if you have a bit of an eyesore to deal with (which is usually the case in the cities we live in), or another building facing your window, then a textured stripe or checked sheer would work best. It gets you the light, and keeps everything else away.


In this picture, a semi-sheer check in three tones is used for the roman blinds.

These blinds have a dual purpose. Firstly, the fabric allows the light to filter in while providing the necessary privacy and hiding the view of the neighbouring house. Secondly, the blinds make the room look more spacious and are in line with the minimalist door.

The fabrics are in tones of olive, dull gold, off white and beige and complement the cherry wood finish.


The bedspread coordinates with the drapes and accentuates the individuality of the room. A coordinated bedspread is the perfect companion to a well-thought out window treatment in a bedroom.

As long as all the elements in the room -- from the furniture to the fabrics -- look like they get along, your room is a beautiful place to be in. Even if one element is out of place, it could be visually disturbing.