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A lot of females at some point in their lifetimes encounter an unfaithful guy in one of their partnerships. Not to implythat this can't happen to males too, but more frequently than not, it is the guy who is the cheater. The question comes up of why men are unfaithful and how a woman can realize if her man has cheated or is being unfaithful. Guys have natural physical instincts, and some times the only way guys can act on those instincts is by cheating. This surely isn't a justification, but it does provide a little perspective into male mindset.

There is no magical potion that can stop your man from sleeping with someone else, but there are a few indications you can recognise to figure out if he is being unfaithful. If he is accusing you of cheating on a daily basis, or if he is more paranoid than normal, then he is probably cheating. Also, if he has been known to lie a lot or has had many women in the past, then he is a lot more likely to cheat on you. Simply employ a bit of observation and common sense, and you should be able to know if you are dating a cheater.

The only question that is more confusing to women than why guys are unfaithful is why they lie about it. Guys go through the act of going to bed with with another woman, and then don't fess up to what they have done. The best explanation for why guys lie is that they just do not want to be in trouble. They become young boys who do not want to be punished for bad behavior, and they lie to get out of trouble. Just as there is no way to put off them from being unfaithful initially, there is no remedy to get them to tell the truth . Boys will be boys.

If you've been cheated on, do not fret. There are still honest guys out there. You only have to try on a couple of them to pick up the right one. 'Til then, you can just be a good detective and leave a partnership that is stumbling down an unfaithful road.