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ImageWith the recession leading to severe job cuts, impressing your potential employer at an interview is vital. Here's how you can nail your next interview

1. Keep a lid on excessive hand gestures : Most of the times your over anxiousness about the result of an interview can make you indulge in extreme hand movements that distract from what you're saying. Too high (above shoulder height) looks a shade eccentric and unstable, while too low (below waist height) makes you look fatigued and demoralised.

2. Come prepared for an interview: If you have a long travel to undertake, carry your jacket in a suit bag, or another shirt that is neatly pressed. There's nothing worse than coming to work looking all crumpled.

3. Dress conservatively: Less is more. An interview isn't the time to show your edginess and funky style statement. Conformity might sound boring, but it's better to play safe. Choose shades like navy, white and black contrasted with lighter hues as they denote integrity and professionalism.

French manicure : A French manicure with long nails could end up looking tacky to an interviewer.

Limp handshake : Offering fingertips for a handshake suggests dearth of confidence.

Do not come in carrying a plastic bag : You'll look disorganised and unfocused if you stumble in after a shopping jaunt. Also, it's at risk of falling over and spilling the contents everywhere as soon as you put it down.

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