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Acing the interview

Once you have got an interview call, your next target is to clear the interview. For this, you need to satisfy the interviewer's queries on your job-hopping. Here are some most frequently asked questions in this regard and their possible answers:

~ Why have you switched so many jobs?

This can be the most direct question on this subject. While answering this question you can say that: "I wanted to broaden my work experience and to achieve it I had to move out of the company". Continue with an example explaining your logic behind it and the success you achieved with it.

~ What will you do if you get another job offer with a higher salary?

The purpose of this question is to know if you have a tendency to switch jobs for a couple of thousand rupees. You can answer by saying that the money does attract everybody but you will try to analyse the growth prospects in both positions. If your present job can offer you the growth you seek, then you will stick to it.

~ What does growth mean to you?

This question can arise from the answer to your last question. You can answer by saying that growth according to you is broadening your experience and acquiring new skills.

~ Do you get bored of repetitive work?

The agenda of this question is to know if you can stick to a role for a significant period. To answer this question you cay say that, you understand that each job has an element of repetition but you enjoy doing your job and will give it your best.
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