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ImageHere are tips to impress your boss...

- Be on time to work everyday, if not early. Bosses always have a way of keeping a watch over everyone at work.

- When work is being delegated, instead of waiting for someone else to hand you over a task, take initiative by yourself, especially in your boss' presence.

- If there's some issue arising at the work place, brainstorm and offer solutions. You may not give the perfect solution but at least your boss will know that you are making efforts to deal with the crisis.

- Don't be in a hurry to leave the office after completing your shift. Make efforts like joining some professional courses related to work and willingness to learn more about the company. This will help you score brownie points in terms of good impressions on your boss.

- Always maintain a positive and cheery attitude, even when others seem gloomy and lethargic. Staying upbeat and cheerful will lighten up your workplace environment, making you a hero in the eyes of your boss.