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Applying makeup correctly and having flawless, long wearing results starts long before you put the first hint of color on your face. Preparation using the right products for both cleansing and moisturizing as well as the proper concealer and foundation is key in order for you to achieve overall success.

Concealing is the art of covering dark spots, freckles, sun damage or any other color imperfections on the skin surface. The color of the concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation. By using a lighter shade, it will not only lighten the darker spots, but will give a uniform color to you skin when the foundation is applied. Don't use a darker color to conceal a flaw. This will only highlight it when you apply your foundation. The spots or imperfections will appear even darker after the foundation is applied compared to the rest of your face.

Some skin whiteners contain hydroquinone and mercury which can be very harmful to your health and possibly even cause cancer. Synthetic chemicals are never the best way to go in terms of skin care or your overall health. Luckily, there are all natural skin whiteners available on the market today. These products safely and effectively whiten your skin without the use of any synthetic chemicals but, achieve the same effect. They are very effective in removing discoloration from the skin and body but, the active ingredients in these products come from nature.

Cleansing qualities are present in many herbs. Rosemary, chamomile, dandelion and lime flowers are some such purifier. Their skin care qualities come out with combination with herbs like tea. If you have oily skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer that will not make your skin too oily. If you have combination skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer and a moisture booster to use on the drier areas of your face. This will help each area of your face stay hydrated at the correct levels all day long. A great moisturizer for dry skin is, Philosophy's Hope in a Jar for dry, sensitive skin. I recommend Kinerase Clear Skin Moisture Light, for oily skin, it leaves a nice dewy finish on the face.

Severely sore cysts require the injection of interlesional corticosteroid, which acts by melting the cyst within 3-5 days and prevents scars. Isotretinoin is an effective acne scar treatment. It works by reducing the activity of the oil glands and is widely regarded as the most effective drug to fight cystic acne. However, this pill has serious side-effects on liver and the nervous system and as such should not be used during pregnancy. To cover imperfections apply foundation first and then go back and dot on a concealer that neutralizes red.

Author: Kamen Loze