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Step 3

Method #3 for Cleaning Your Toothbrush: Soak It

Some people choose to soak their toothbrush anytime they are not using it. Unfortunately, many of those same people use the same soaking solution several days in a row, which can actually hurt, rather than help the problem. A solution is to soak your toothbrush in undiluted vinegar overnight, once every two weeks. The vinegar kills the majority of mold, germs and bacteria.

For a quick soak method, put your toothbrush in a clean mug and cover the bristles of the toothbrush with boiling water. Keep the toothbrush in the boiling water for three minutes and then use as usual.

Step 4

Method #4 for Cleaning Your Toothbrush: Rotate It

Some people recommend allowing a toothbrush to dry thoroughly before using it again. Therefore, it is helpful to have at least two toothbrushes. Alternate between the two each time your brush your teeth. You might want to get into the habit of using a specific toothbrush in the morning and another one in the evening so you don't have to remember which toothbrush you last used. If you typically brush three times per day, three toothbrushes would work well for this method.